LeadOff Hosts 4th LeadOff Breakout Tour

Mar 16, 2015

NEW YORK (March 24, 2015) – LeadOff Sports Marketing hosted it's fourth "LeadOff Breakout Tour" which is intended for Japanese participants interested in learning sports business.

During March 11th through 15th, a total of 5 students participated in the "LeadOff Breakout Tour" where they visited a total of 5 sports related organizations, including New York Yankees, Madison Square Garden, MLB Network, Prudential Center, and Barclays Center.

Participants received a private tour at each facility as well a seminar from staff members specialized in sports business. LeadOff staff members, who also have experience working in the American sports world, hosted preparation and review classes for in-depth knowledge and better understanding for the students.

Photo Gallery of the Tour can be viewed here.



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