Applications Open for the TOMODACHI-U.S.Embassy Go for Gold Leadership Program

Mar 24, 2020

New York (March 24, 2020) –  U.S.-Japan Council is currently accepting applications for the TOMODACHI-U.S.Embassy Go for Gold Leadership Program.

The program is designed to play a crucial role in building a “TOMODACHI Generation” of creative and innovative leaders whose interests lie in the sports industry, and who possess the globally-oriented skills and mindsets needed to thrive and make contributions to the industry. It will bring up to ten (10) Japanese college students to the United States to for a two-week study program in New York city and Los Angeles.

The program is comprised of three-parts, 1) Pre-Trip Leadership Training in Tokyo (June to July 2020), 2) a Study Tour in New York and Los Angeles in the United States (end of August to September 2020), and 3) a Post-Trip Presentation in Tokyo (December 2020). The group will visit Los Angeles and New York City, spending approximately a week in each location.

This three-part program provides ample leadership training opportunities, as well as a first-hand view of examples of leadership success in the United States for those seeking future careers in the sports industry. For the New York portion of the Program, participants will learn the business of sports and exposure to the many career that support the industry in connection with international athletic events. The focus of the Los Angeles portion of the Program will be the facility management, as well as community engagement and youth outreach.

LeadOff Sports Marketing is the program partner for the Study Tour in New York.


TOMODACHI-U.S.Embassy Go for Gold Leadership Program Information

  • Qualification Requirements:  Japanese Undergraduate students enrolled in the Japanese universities as of the departure date in August 2020 (the program is only offered to Japanese passport holders)
  • Number of Participants: Approximately 10 students
  • Key Destinations:  New York city and Los Angeles
  • Program Dates:
    1) Pre-Trip Leadership Training in Tokyo (June-July 2020)
  • 2) Study Tour in Los Angeles and New York in the United States (August 28th to September 14th, 2020, including travel dates)Aug 28 – Participants arrive in Tokyo for final pre-departure session
    Aug 29 – departure for the United States
    Aug 30 – Sept 5 – Study of Sports Business in New York City
    Sept 6 – 11 – Legacy of Olympics in Los Angeles
    Sept 11 – Return to Japan (Arrive on the 12th)
    Sept 13 – TOMODACHI Alumni event/debriefing session
    Sept 14 – Return home
  • 3) Post-Trip Presentation in Tokyo (December 2020)
  • Cost: Domestic transportation support is provided for the pre and post U.S. study tour. All associated costs for the U.S. study tour is covered by the host, including international flight, accommodation, meals, field trips, and travel insurance. The participants are responsible for the fees for passports.
  • Application Deadline: Sunday, April 12th at 23:59 Japan Standard Time
  • Participant Selection: Notification will be notified by Friday, May 15h, 2020 (via email from
  • Apply online:

For Inquiries, please email at with  *TOMODACHI-U.S.Embassy Go for Gold Leadership Program” in the subject line.

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