LeadOff Hired by Sagan Dreams to Manage Global Business Strategies

Feb 28, 2014

NEW YORK (February 28, 2014) – LeadOff Sports Marketing LLC. has been hired by Sagan Dreams, the parent company of Sagan Tosu, a Japan Professional Football League (J league) team, as their Asia/Global business consultants and advisors, and will seek to increase the brand value of Sagan Tosu internationally.

Comments regarding the partnership by the President of Sagan Tosu, Mr. Minoru Takehara:
The J. League, in the midst of its "One Hundred Year Vision", encourages each team to form strong ties and vitalize local communities through the power of sport.  It will be starting a Division 3 League this coming season. Sagan Tosu's vision, shared by the club, its players, coaches and staff, is to not only maintain the status quo, but also to develop dramatically as an organization.  We believe that this vision will substantially increase the brand value of Sagan Tosu and enhance satisfaction for its valuable fans and supporters.
We believe that the increase in brand value of Sagan Tosu is an important factor in strengthening our management financially.  In order for our club to achieve its mid/long term goal of expanding its business further in Asia and globally, we will seek to expand our networking and increase our brand awareness internationally.  Our partnership with LeadOff Sports Marketing will help us achieve these goals.

With the excitement of the Sochi Winter Olympics still in the air, and the FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil this summer, the environment surrounding "Sports" and "Soccer"will be dramatically enhanced in 2014.  We are very pleased to be able to partner with LeadOff Sports Marketing during such a vital year for sports and for our organization.

Sagan Dreams Official Release:

"LeadOff Hired by Sagan Dreams as Global Business Strategy Consultant"