[lang_en]With the knowledge and experience gained through having worked with a variety of sports leagues, properties, agencies and media, LeadOff Sports Marketing focuses on client satisfaction in four core areas.

1)Sponsorship Sales
LeadOff Sports Marketing develops and implements customized sponsorship and promotion programs that enable the clients to deliver their key messages.

2)Business Development
With success in global sports and worldwide industry contacts, LeadOff Sports Marketing offers strategic sales consulting and rights negotiation services.

3)Athlete Management
LeadOff Sports Marketing provides not only negotiation services for athletic and marketing contracts but also concierge services with foreign athletes, especially Japanese.  With genuine attention, LeadOff Sports Marketing helps them and their families assimilate to a new life in the United States.

4)Digital Media
LeadOff Sports Marketing develops online marketing programs that efficiently reach out to sports fans and a particular interest.